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Voluntary Community Sports Coaching in Ghana

Organising teams

Community sports projects are an important tool for helping children from disadvantaged areas. All volunteers are welcome, whether you join the project during a gap year, in the summer holidays or as part of a career break. In Ghana our project combines aspects of sport, education and social care.

Volunteers work in Cape Coast on a children’s sports project. You will provide football and athletics coaching and education for girls and boys who wouldn’t normally get the chance to play sports.

Volunteer on a Community Sports Project in Ghana

The Alliance for Youth Sports Development project was started in 2010 by Projects Abroad volunteers and local community members with the aim of getting the children off the streets and into a safe place in the afternoons. Asebu is located just outside Cape Coast on the south coast of Ghana and is considerably less developed than Cape Coast itself.

Running drills

Volunteers do social presentations every Friday on various topics like child labour, malaria, personal hygiene, STDs, teen pregnancy and HIV. Volunteers also visit the children at their homes and speak to the families about their behaviour, school grades, etc.

The project needs volunteers with athletics experience, leadership skills, sports coaching and discipline skills and would welcome any volunteers with youth counselling experience. You can combine sports with weekly sessions to discuss social issues relative to the needs of the children. As this project is mainly in the afternoons, it is best combined with another project like Teaching or Care.

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