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Voluntary Athletics Coaching Placements Abroad

Athletics-coaching projects

The Olympics are well renowned for keeping audiences captivated around the world, with Athletics being one of the biggest draws. The majority of athletics events require little or no equipment and there can be few people who haven't, at some stage in their lives, taken part in some form of athletics, such as a long jump at school or running race against childhood friends.

The sheer variety of events that come under the Athletics banner means that there really is something for everybody; if you can't run fast enough to compete in a sprint, then perhaps you have the endurance to run the mile? If running is not your thing then you might be better at a throwing or jumping event!

And although the majority of Athletics events are for individuals, the way the sports are organised means that these individuals will usually form part of a larger team, which supports each its members through their respective events.

The inclusive, team-oriented nature of Athletics makes it a perfect development sport, and this is why Projects Abroad send our volunteers out to work as Athletics coaches in the developing world.

Volunteer Coaching: Projects Abroad Athletics Placement

Volunteer on an Athletics placement

You don't have to be an expert in athletics to take part in one of our Athletics Sports Projects. Volunteers can take part during a Gap Year, on a holiday from work or from studies, or as part of a Career Break. An interest and enthusiasm in athletics plus a basic knowledge of the main sports involved is all that's required.

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