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Волонтёрство для профессиональных диетологов в Боливии

  • Место работы проекта: различные учреждения страны
  • Требования: образование и опыт работы по специальности Диетология
  • Должность: врач-диетолог
  • Проживание: принимающие семьи
  • Длительность проекта: от четырёх недель
  • Дата начала проекта: на усмотрение участника
Volunteer as a Dietician in Bolivia

This medical project for qualified volunteers helps provide advice about diet and nutrition to various institutions in Bolivia.

You have the opportunity to develop systems in childcare centers, health centers or with Social Services.

Here you will find answers to the following questions:

How can volunteer dieticians help in Bolivia?

What will I gain from this project?

What will be provided?

What skills or qualifications do I need?


How can volunteer dieticians help in Bolivia?

As a volunteer dietician you can use your knowledge and training to help local doctors and childcare center staff. You can work on tasks such as:

  • Working with staff in health centers to treat patients and calculate their nutritional requirements.
  • Educating and advising patients with diet-related disorders on ways in which they can improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits.
  • Working with cooks in a childcare center to educate them about food and nutrition issues.
  • Translating the science of nutrition into everyday information about food. Producing literature such as flyers for use in childcare centers and health clinics.
  • Coordinating medical outreach programs within nearby towns and villages.
  • Observing and assessing the work of local trainee doctors and childcare center staff.
  • Organizing and running training clinics for Projects Abroad volunteers working with other hospitals (optional).

You will first be assigned to work with a supervisor who will help you as you adjust to life in Bolivia. Once you have settled in you will be able to work independently.

Volunteers work morning or afternoon sessions and you can help at more than one institution if you want to.

This project runs all year round so you can join at any time. You decide how much time you can spare and we will help you get the most out of it. 

What will I gain from this project?

Voluntary Dietician Work in Bolivia

You will gain experience of treating patients of various ages in a new and challenging environment. You will also learn new ideas and methods of providing information on diet and nutrition. The staff in Bolivia faces small budgets and a lack of facilities so they have to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

You will spend time in local communities, learning about a new culture and way of life. Staff and patients will want to hear about your life back home and your family and friends. We call this "cultural exchange" and we think it helps our volunteers gain a new perspective on life. 

What will be provided?

We have over 20 years’ experience of running volunteer projects. We provide you with the following support to make sure your time in Bolivia is successful and enjoyable:

  • Safe accommodation with a Bolivian family close to your project.
  • Friendly and dedicated local staff available to help 24 hours a day.
  • A member of staff to meet you at the airport when you arrive.
  • Medical and travel insurance.

What skills or qualifications do I need?

If you have completed at least a degree in dietetics, nutrition, or a related subject then you are perfectly suited to this project. You will also need to speak intermediate to advanced Spanish.

Please contact us if you think your knowledge may be useful on this project but do not have the required qualifications.

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