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Professional Volunteering Opportunities in Social Work, Romania

Volunteer as a Social Worker in Romania

This volunteer social work project helps patients at orphanages, care homes and hospitals in Brasov.

Many of these people have been affected by the widespread poverty in Romania. There are also patients with special needs such as Down Syndrome and Autism.

Here you will find answers to the following questions:

How can volunteer social workers help in Romania?

What will I gain from this project?

What will Projects Abroad PRO provide?

What skills or qualifications do I need?


How can volunteer social workers help in Romania?

You can use your knowledge and training to help local staff as a volunteer social worker. You can work on tasks such as:

  • Assisting staff in a foster home, orphanage or hospital, including tasks such as:
    • Taking individual sessions with children with special needs including Autism, hyperactivity, hearing and speech loss.
    • Spending time with teenage mothers who lack social development due to their young age. Teaching them to rediscover play and interact with their children.
    • Designing and running sports classes for children with mental and physical disabilities.
  • Working with existing staff to assess and improve the overall standards of care provided by the institution.

This is only a brief overview of the options available because we work with a large variety of institutions. You might work in a foster home such as Casa Soarelui which treats children with Down Syndrome aged 7-17.

Another option would be a day care centre such as SCUT (Striving, Coping, Usefulness, Tolerance). In this centre staff treat adults who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Finally, we have larger hospitals such as Vulcan which treat patients suffering from motion disabilities and neurological problems.

You will be expected to work Monday to Friday for around 8 hours per day. This may involve working with more than one institution. You will agree the exact work schedule with your project supervisor on your first day in Romania.

This project runs all year and we are completely flexible about dates. You decide how much time you can spare and we will help you get the most out of it.


What will I gain from this project?

You will gain experience of treating a variety of patients in centres that lack funding and facilities. You will work alongside experienced professionals with whom you can share ideas. You will improve your ability to work under pressure and think creatively when treating patients.

You will spend time in local communities, learning about a new culture and way of life. Staff and patients will want to hear about your life back home and your family and friends. We call this ‘cultural exchange’ and we think it helps our volunteers gain a new perspective on life.


What will Projects Abroad PRO provide?

Volunteer social worker in Romania

We have over 20 years’ experience of running volunteer projects. We provide you with the following support to make sure your time in Romania is successful and enjoyable:

  • Safe accommodation with a Romanian family close to your project.
  • Friendly and dedicated local staff available to help 24 hours a day.
  • A member of staff to meet you at the airport when you arrive.
  • Comprehensive medical and travel insurance.


What skills or qualifications do I need?

If you have at least a Bachelors Degree in Social Work or a related subject then you are perfectly suited for this project.

If you are interested in this project but don’t have the relevant experience, then please read about our regular Care projects in Romania.

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