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Sri Lanka: Volunteer Medical Placements and Work-Experience

Medicine in Sri Lanka

Volunteering on a Medicine & Healthcare project in Sri Lanka is an eye-opening experience. As a Medicine & Healthcare volunteer you will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience in a variety of departments. The facilities are generally of a basic standard.

We have Medical & Healthcare placements based in the coastal towns of Panadura and Kalutara (about 45km south of Colombo) and also in Galle (115km south of Colombo). Volunteers normally work in a variety of departments on a two week rotation system, with common departments being General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Maternity, ENT and Paediatrics. It is also possible to spend a few days working in Neurology, the mortuary, rheumatology and the chest clinic. If you let us know your particular interests, we can usually arrange for you to work within your areas of preference.

The amount of hands-on experience that you, as a Medicine & Healthcare volunteer, can gain depends on your level of knowledge and experience, but also your level of enthusiasm and commitment. Many volunteers do receive the chance to get much more involved in the procedures than would be possible in your local hospital at home. For example one pre-university volunteer helped deliver five babies on just one day!

There are also opportunities to spend time in some specialised clinics, usually including some traditional Ayurvedic experience. This will give you a well-rounded understanding of medicine and healthcare in Sri Lanka and in the developing world in general.


Volunteer Physiotherapy, Nursing and Midwifery in Sri Lanka

If you wish to volunteer in Sri Lanka as a qualified Physiotherapist, Nurse or Midwife the hospitals and clinics we work with are very willing to receive you. If you are currently training, or even just considering one of these areas as a future career, you can still have a role to play; shadowing professionals who will be able to teach you all about the field they work in.


Elective Placements in Sri Lanka

Elective students in Sri Lanka

You can do an Elective in Sri Lanka in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing or Midwifery.

If you wish to do your Elective in Sri Lanka, you will most likely be working in a large hospital, an hour outside of Colombo. You will shadow one of our supervising doctors who are all very experienced at working with medical and healthcare students, as they always have a large number of native students in training there. They will be keen to test out your knowledge, as well as giving you the benefit of their training and experience.

Outside of the hospital you will live with a local host family, who will provide you with all your meals outside of your normal working hours. When you aren't at work there is plenty to do in the local area, including some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, and there is always a substantial Projects Abroad community available to spend time with.

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