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Cambodia: Volunteer Occupational Therapy Placements and Work-Experience

Physiotherapy room There is a real shortage of skilled physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Cambodia. If you’re currently training with at least one years experience, recently qualified, or on a career break, you’ll provide valuable treatment to children and babies with a wide range of physical problems.

You will find that the experience you can gain on a volunteer Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy placement will help you to get an in depth knowledge of physiotherapy or occupational therapy in a developing country, while also giving you hands on experience delivering important treatments.

Volunteering Abroad on a Physiotherapy Placement

As a Physiotherapy volunteer in Cambodia you’ll work at either the National Baby and Children’s Centre or at the Veterans International Kien Khleang Centre in Phnom Penh.

The National Baby and Children’s centre is home to over one hundred babies and children and the majority of them have some physical or mental disability.

Physiotherapy work The Centre was established in 1980 to receive orphans and abandoned babies and children from the city and other provinces. The children at the centre are very vulnerable and require constant care. It is important for volunteers to have a positive attitude and a real willingness to help children with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.

The physiotherapy department has put in place a basic schedule for the children allowing them to have quality time in the physiotherapy room as often as they can. Each child has different needs; some are learning to walk, other children have muscular problems, some do specific exercises and others need to have their joints massaged regularly. Extra help from a volunteer with these tasks will allow more children to use the room and get treatment more often.

The physiotherapy room is well equipped by Cambodian standards, with a variety of equipment including cushions, balls, mats and specialised chairs.

The Veterans International Kien Khleang centre is one of three physical rehabilitation centres that Veterans International operates in Cambodia. Veterans International has been working with landmine victims and people with disabilities since 1991.

The NBC centre Physiotherapy volunteers work alongside one of the local physiotherapists and assist children and adults with a variety of conditions including landmine victims, people who have suffered from polio, people with cerebral palsy and children with club feet. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience you may be given your own patients to work with after your first few weeks.

The centre has an outdoor undercover treatment area where patients can practice walking up steps, and walking on a variety of surfaces for example.

All Physiotherapy volunteers in Cambodia must have completed at least one year of physiotherapy related studies or training by the time they join this project. Volunteers working at the Veterans International Centre must also commit to at least two months on the project.

Volunteering Abroad on an Occupational Therapy placement

Veterans International Centre All Occupational Therapy volunteers will work at the Veterans International Centre in Phnom Penh alongside some of the Physiotherapy volunteers.

Much of the work at the centre is geared towards providing disabled adults and children with adequate mobility to participate in community activities. The workshop at the centre is run by mostly disabled staff who make wheel chairs and prosthetic limbs used by many of the patients. There are also teams of technical staff and physiotherapists and occupational therapists who treat the patients once they have had artificial limbs fitted for example.

Occupational Therapy volunteers will work alongside the local staff to assist the patients in becoming independent in their daily lives. The centre has a traditional Cambodian house built on the premises so local people can get used to some of the potential challenges they may face when they return home. Depending on your level of knowledge and experience you may be given your own patients to work with after your first few weeks.

Area to practice walking Most new patients who come to the centre for an artificial limb will stay at the centre for at least two weeks to receive treatment from the physiotherapists and occupational therapists to make sure that they are able to return to their school or jobs as normal.

All Occupational Therapy volunteers in Cambodia must have completed at least one year of occupational therapy related studies or training by the time they join this project and must commit to the project for a minimum of two months.

Вы можете ознакомиться с детальной информацией о целях данного проекта здесь: Cambodia Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

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