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Volunteer Midwifery Projects in Jamaica

Volunteering as a midwife in Jamaica with Projects Abroad is exciting, challenging and rewarding. As one of the first countries to establish a national health service, you will find the facilities are generally of a good standard. You will, however, work with women suffering complications that are less common than in Europe and North America.

Volunteer Midwifery Projects in Jamaica

Only trained midwives and midwifery students can volunteer in Jamaica.

You can gain experience in the field by volunteering at one of our hospital placements. Midwifery volunteers are based in Mandeville or St Elizabeth. In Mandeville volunteers work at the Mandeville Regional Hospital and in St. Elizabeth volunteers work at the Black River Hospital. Trained midwives must be certified and if you are a midwifery student there are some areas that you will not be able to observe.

Your Role in Jamaica

Initially, your role will be mainly observational. The more you show yourself as enthusiastic and competent, the more you will be able to get involved with staff and patients. Your supervisor will ensure that you work in a variety of areas of midwifery while on your placement in Jamaica.

Midwifery volunteers need to commit to at least one month and must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Medical Workshops in Jamaica

Our Medical Project Officer organises regular workshops for our Medicine & Healthcare volunteers. These meetings will provide you with a deeper insight into the healthcare system in Jamaica. They will also provide an opportunity to become familiar with the most common illnesses in the country and to discuss and share the work that you do at your placement.

While on your midwifery placement, you will live with a local Jamaican host family. Here you will experience the real day-to-day life as it is in Jamaica. There is a lively Projects Abroad volunteer community for you to spend your free time with, exploring the delights that Jamaica has to offer.

Вы можете ознакомиться с детальной информацией о целях данного проекта здесь: Jamaica Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

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