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Mexico: Volunteer Medical Placements and Work-Experience

Medicine in Mexico

Volunteering on a Medicine & Healthcare project in Mexico is a fast-paced and exciting experience. As a Medicine & Healthcare volunteer you will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience alongside some of the most skilled and inspirational doctors in the country. The facilities are generally of a good standard, with many similar in standard to hospitals in the west.

Volunteers work in a city hospitals in Guadalajara. You will spend time working in departments such as gynaecology, haematology, obstetrics, paediatrics, pathology, anaesthesia and surgery, with the opportunity to specialise if you wish. Your supervisor can ensure that you work in a variety of areas during your placement, and learn as much as possible about medical and healthcare practice in Mexico.

Doctors and nurses welcome volunteers with a range of experience, so long as they are enthusiastic and keen to participate. By showing initiative and building a good rapport with your colleagues, you can get very involved with the doctors and patients with whom you are working.

Volunteers need to speak some Spanish to join our Mexican Medicine & Healthcare programme. If you are unsure as to whether your Spanish is good enough for the programme please give us a call. Many volunteers who lack confidence in their Spanish language skills join a Teaching, Care, Community or Spanish Language project before joining their Medicine & Healthcare programme. This gives them the opportunity to brush up their language skills before the medical part of their placement.


Volunteer Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery and Dentistry in Mexico

A placement on a maternity ward

If you wish to volunteer in Mexico as a Physiotherapist, Nurse, Midwife or Dentist then we have a number of placements where you can gain some great experience. You will be working in Guadalajara, but you could find yourself in a large hospital, a clinic, or even in an HIV centre.


Elective Placements in Mexico

You can do an Elective in Mexico in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing or Dentistry.

If you wish to do your Elective in Mexico, you will most likely be working in a large hospital in Guadalajara. You will shadow one of our supervisors who are very experienced at working with western medical and healthcare students. They will be keen to test out your knowledge, as well as giving you the benefit of their training and experience.


"I remember my first time helping during a solo operation with the resident, the fear and excitement I felt, and I remember seeing my first perforated appendix. There were times when the resident and I did solo operations while the intern and the head surgeon performed surgery in an adjacent operating room. We saved a lot of time by splitting into teams."
Allegra Lobell, Medical Elective volunteer in Mexico


Outside of the hospital you will live with a local host family, who will provide you with all your meals outside of your normal working hours. When you aren't at work there is plenty to do in Guadalajara, and our lively, diverse volunteer community means there are always other volunteers around to make friends with.


"I felt privileged to be in the unique position of living amongst a Mexican family; they brought me into their home and I became one of the family. We would often cook traditional Mexican food together and since my return to London I have tried to capture the essence of Mexican cooking on several occasions"
Olivia RaglaMedicine & Healthcare volunteer in Mexico


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