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Kenya: Volunteer Medical Placements and Work-Experience


Volunteering abroad on a Medicine & Healthcare placement in Kenya is an excellent way to gain experience combined with the chance to help people in some of the poorest medical institutions in the developing world.

Projects Abroad works with both small health clinics and large government hospitals in Kenya, allowing volunteers the unique opportunity to work in a variety of different departments and to work closely alongside local doctors and nurses.

Volunteering on a Medical Placement in Kenya

Health clinic

Medicine volunteers in Kenya work with a variety of medical institutions in and around the town of Nakuru, 160km north west of Nairobi. In both the smaller health clinics and the larger hospitals volunteers will find themselves working with patients who have a wide range of illnesses. There are many different departments in most of the hospitals we work with including maternity, general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, palliative care, working with HIV patients and in the laboratory. Volunteers can choose whether they want to work in a variety of different departments or whether they want to focus on one in particular.

Facilities within the hospitals and clinics are basic and treatments are sometimes not of the standard we would expect in the West. You should be prepared to see some shocking cases and try not to get emotionally involved with the patients. Your working hours will usually be decided on a weekly basis, however most volunteers work from Monday to Friday and have the weekends free.

Your role on a Medicine Project in Kenya

Your exact role within the hospital or clinic will be determined by your level of medical experience as well as the enthusiasm and effort which you show to the local staff. Pre-university volunteers usually start by observing the doctors and nurses, however you may find more practical opportunities arise once you get to know the local staff and if you can demonstrate a good understanding of local medical conditions. The role of volunteers who already have some medical experience also varies, and it is important to build up trust and a good relationship with the local medical staff.

We hold regular medical workshops for all our medical volunteers; these are run by qualified doctors who work in the busy hospitals and clinics in Nakuru. These workshops allow you not only the opportunity to ask about specific things you have seen during your placement but also to learn different techniques and skills which you can then put into practice when you go to work at your placement.

Volunteers also take part in medical outreach work which often involves travelling to local villages, rural areas or orphanages to carry out basic medical checks on the local community.

Вы можете ознакомиться с детальной информацией о целях данного проекта здесь: Kenya Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

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