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Volunteer Dentistry Project in Vietnam

A volunteer in Vietnam examining a child during a medical placement

By volunteering on the Dentistry project in Vietnam you will get a unique insight into the field, and it will provide you with the skills and experience needed to prepare you for your future career. The project gives you the opportunity to work in a real clinical environment while shadowing qualified dentists, who are dedicated to providing the best in oral care and hygiene. You will get a first-hand look at what being a dentist is like and what it is all about.

Your role as a Dentistry volunteer

At the beginning of your placement your role will be mainly observational while you learn from the local dentists and their staff. You will be helping to clean tools while preparing the room and equipment for procedures. This gives you the chance to ask questions and watch different dental surgeries.

More tasks and responsibilities may be given to you depending on your experience level and the trust you have gained by developing professional relationships with the staff. Your enthusiasm, willingness to learn, work capacity and duration of your project will also be taken into account.

Community work

Every week medical research sessions are held for all the Medicine & Healthcare volunteers in Vietnam. During the session, you can share your experiences, help prepare medical presentations and create hand-outs. Through organised outreach events, you and your fellow volunteers will be able to present and hand-out material with a specific focus on dentistry to the locals in the community, while teaching them about good oral health.

Вы можете ознакомиться с детальной информацией о целях данного проекта здесь: Vietnam Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

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