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Journalism in China - a selection of volunteers' published articles

Published Volunteer Articles

November 09 - Shanghai Talk, Keeley Downey

FHC China Comes to Town. From 18 to 20 November, the Shanghai New International Expo Centre will be hosting the 13th edition of FHC China; the biggest, longest running and most international imported food and wine exhibition in China.

November 09 - That's Shanghai, Isabel Janner

Food and Drink. Vegging out in Shanghai. A herbivore's survival guide. How many times have you ordered a seemingly genuine vegetarian dish only to find it scattered with bits of ground pork or fried shrimp?

November 09 - That's Shanghai, Isabel Janner

The Review. Book Feature. Animal Planet. Aussie Author Sarah Brennan introduces Oswald Ox to children in China.

November 09 - That's Shanghai, Ate Hoekstra

The Review. DVDs, Michael Jackson's This Is It. Since his death every DVD seller has a stack of MJ videos; here's more proof of China's love for the man.

April 09 - That's Shanghai, George Thomson

Business. The car's the star. Porsche lead the charge at this year's Auto Shanghai expo.

April 09 - That's Shanghai, George Thomson

Bar Reviews, Aqua. There are many among us who believe that a bar should be seen and not heard. Unfortunately Aqua can achieve neither.

April 09 - That's Shanghai, Clare Slipper

Food & Drink, News, Bars & Clubs. Luxe, taking pride of place atop Xintiandi is Luxe - a feverishly chic boutique lounge...

April 09 - That's Shanghai, Caroline Welles

The Review, Art Review. When technology imitates art. MoCA's latest exhibit explores the relationship between artists and technology.

March 09 - Metrozine, Colin Forage

Hotel Special. Nestled in a peaceful area of Shanghai are the residents of the Shanghai American Homes, which is located in the high standard living area with excellent environment, just in the north of Xi Jao hotel.

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