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Nepal Disaster Relief

Physiotherapy Elective Placements in Nepal

If you are considering taking your Physiotherapy Elective abroad, then why not consider Nepal? Projects Abroad has partnered with a number of rehabilitation clinics where you can work. Alternatively you can choose to be placed in a hospital or disabled centre.

Physiotherapy Elective Placements in Nepal

As a physiotherapy student you will shadow a local member of staff. You will learn how a busy physiotherapy department works and you will gain knowledge by observing and asking questions. As your placement progresses and you work hard to show your enthusiasm you will be able to gain more hands on experience.

The experience will be rewarding and you will learn a lot. If you need to discuss case studies with your supervisor, they will be on hand to do so.

We have a number of placements available. You could choose to be placed in a rehabilitation centre for disabled children treating the effects of congenital problems or results of accidents. You may wish to be in a hospital within a neurological department, spinal unit or in orthopaedics, and we have a placement treating outpatients who travel weekly for treatment. You will work on patients with many primary problems, but also be treating neglected or misdiagnosed conditions.

Outreach Work in Nepal

In addition to your regular placement, you may be able to take part in various outreach programmes. You may visit schools, take part in school outreach projects or a health camp.

Our staff in Nepal are highly experienced in coordinating Elective placements. They will work closely with you to strive to ensure all of your university requirements are met.

When you volunteer in Nepal you will live with one of our host families or in a hostel. You will have the chance to spend your free time with new Nepali friends and the Projects Abroad volunteer community in the area where you are based.

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