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Medicine Elective Placements in Mexico

Elective students on a Medicine project in Mexico will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience. You will work in city hospitals in Guadalajara that are well equipped and close to the standards of Western hospitals.

Gap Year volunteer Medical projects in Mexico

Projects Abroad will help organise your placement in collaboration with your university. We will ensure it meets the aims and objectives of your elective placement requirements. We are also available to help with any pre-departure paperwork you may need. When in Mexico, you will have a supervisor who will mentor you during your stay. They are qualified medical staff and will ensure you learn as much as possible about medical and healthcare practice in Mexico. They will answer your questions and be available to discuss specific case studies with you.

As a student in medicine, you will chose which departments you wish to work in depending upon your preferred specialism. Departments include gynaecology, haematology, obstetrics, paediatrics, pathology, anaesthesia and surgery. You will take on a mainly observational role. The level of hands on work you get depends upon the hospital and your previous experience. By showing initiative and building a good rapport with your colleagues, you may be able to get very involved with the doctors and patients with whom you are working.

Requirements for Elective Students

Students need to speak some Spanish to join our Mexican Medicine Elective programme. If you are unsure as to whether your Spanish is good enough for the programme please give us a call. Many students who lack confidence in their Spanish language skills join a Teaching, Care, Community or Spanish Language project before joining their Medicine Elective programme. This gives them the opportunity to brush up their language skills before the medical part of their placement.

While you are in Mexico you will live with local host families. Here you will be able to really improve your Spanish and immerse yourself in the Mexican day-to-day life. You can explore Guadalajara with the very active Projects Abroad volunteer community.

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