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Volunteer Music & Dance Project in South Africa

The Music & Dance Project in South Africa is ideal for volunteers with an interest in the field of music or performing arts. This exciting project allows volunteers to get involved in various aspects of the music industry, from music production to artist management.

Volunteering with Music and Dance in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world and music and dance provide it with an unmistakeable flavour. Whether you are on a gap year or a career break you have the opportunity to explore this artistic vocation or share your knowledge with underprivileged students through community outreach programmes.

Volunteering on the Music & Dance Project in South Africa

As a volunteer on the Music & Dance Project, you can choose any two of the following areas:

  • Teaching music
  • Producing music
  • Managing an artist - promoting their work and planning events
  • Teaching dance (ballet and modern)
  • Helping with community outreach programmes

Teaching Music

Volunteers have the option to teach music to students, from ages 7 to 18, at a local South African school. You will be able to teach them how to play a musical instrument, provide vocal training and also help them understand basic music theory.

Volunteers work Mondays to Fridays during school hours.

In the future, the project aims to create a community band and/or orchestra. Currently, though, students are learning how to play the guitar, piano, violin, saxophone and the clarinet. You have the option to focus on the instrument of your choice and you may teach them any aspect of music.

Singing is also popular among the students and many of them are part of a small choir. If you have experience in singing or choir-directing, your help will be greatly appreciated. This option also includes traditional music lessons, where students can share and learn cultural and tribal songs.

To get the most out of this option, volunteers are expected to have a background in music, basic knowledge of musical theory and some practical ability.

Music Production

Volunteers are given the chance to search for local musical talent. You will have the opportunity to work within music production, recording and producing the music of the musicians you believe have the ability to make it in the music industry.

Volunteers who choose this option will be responsible for assisting the artist or band, after the recording process, in advertising and promoting their music. This will be done through Sounds of the World, an initiative by Projects Abroad www.sounds-of-the-world.com, which is in partnership with many recording studios, artists and academies.

Volunteers working at a school also have the opportunity to work on Sounds of the World once they have finished teaching, which is usually around 2.30pm.

Artist Management, Promotion, Events and Advertising

If you have an interest in event planning or managing an artist’s profile, you have the opportunity through this option to get involved in organising local gigs, concerts and promoting local artists.

This option will involve writing articles, interviews, concert reviews as well as working closely with the local bands and artists to improve their public image.

Teaching Dance (Ballet and Modern)

If dance is your preference, you have the opportunity to teach ballet or modern dance to the local school children. You are expected to have a background in dance.

Community Outreach Programme

South Africa is home to a number of disadvantaged communities, which lack resources and therefore the opportunity for locals to learn or grow in the field of music or dance. As a volunteer you have the chance to teach music or dance where it is needed, from township residents to local church members, you can make a difference.

Please let us know which two options you choose when you apply.

All volunteers taking part on any other project in South Africa now have the opportunity to add a 1 Week Conservation Add-On to the end of their main placement. Please note that one week volunteers should arrive in Polokwane on a Monday. For more information visit our Conservation in South Africa project page.

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