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Romania Dance Project – teaching dance in schools and dance clubs

Dance Project in Romania If you have a passion for dancing and choreography, the Projects Abroad Dance Project in Romania might be the perfect thing for you. Volunteers can create and coordinate dance groups, lead workshops on different styles of dance while bringing their creativity into the project when working in schools.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet and work with experienced dance groups and also collaborate with local dance schools and clubs. This may involve workshops, discussions, collaborative performances, presentations or even assisting with a current production. There is also potential to see performances by these groups and invite them to participate in our performances.

Dance volunteers also have the opportunity to work in day centres as a dancing instructor and the chance to get involved in dance therapy sessions for the disabled.

Teaching dance with Projects Abroad

Choreographing a routineOur Dance projects are based in the medieval city of Brasov. Once a month, volunteers will prepare a show which includes a story based on a variety of types of studied dances. This would be planned under the guidance and coordination of our Dance Project Supervisor, Alexandra Ichim. Volunteers have the chance to prepare, direct and perform dancing routines for children in orphanages and day centres. As part of these projects you will also learn traditional Romanian dances, which can be included in the shows.

Please keep in mind that it is difficult for volunteers to work alone without having dance or choreography experience, so experience in these areas is preferred.

Volunteers on this project work flexible hours due to the varied nature of the work, with some workshops and performances taking place during evenings and weekends.

The Dance Project requires energy, creativity and an open mind. It is very flexible and its purpose is to create unique and creative performances and dancing shows for the local community.

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