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Khmer Cultural Project - learning about the language, art, history and cuisine of the Cambodian people

Cambodia Khmer projects Explore the engaging culture of modern Cambodia as a volunteer on our Khmer Projects. On our Khmer Projects, volunteers not only get to learn about Khmer culture, past and present, but are also able to experience local communities in this truly fascinating country through spending a few days in a traditional, rural village.

Cambodia is among Asia's poorest countries; by taking part in our Khmer projects you are contributing to the economic growth of local communities, by living there and spending money on local products. Furthermore, while carrying out visits, activities and cultural projects in Cambodia, you are able to learn in depth about Khmer culture in a vivid and stimulating way.

Community Volunteering and Khmer Cultural Classes

Khmer Project workshop The Khmer Project is available as a one month project and during this time volunteers take part in a variety of different activities.

During your first couple of weeks in Cambodia, Khmer Project volunteers visit many of the main sites of Phnom Penh. Discovering sites like the National Museum and the Killing Fields with our Khmer Projects supervisor gives a thorough insight into the history and culture of Cambodia and its people.

Volunteers also take part in variety of both practical and observational sessions which may include puppet-making classes, cookery lessons, a copper moulding workshop, traditional music and dance classes. Learning some of the Khmer language is also a useful and integral part of this first stage of the project.

Volunteers can also spend a few days living with a rural village community, where your help with basic English classes for a couple of hours a day will be greatly appreciated.

English will be the main language of communication with the Khmer Project coordinator.

You could choose to take part in another project following your month on the Khmer Project. With your newly acquired Khmer language skills and a good understanding of the local culture you will certainly then be well equipped to teach the local children or help in an orphanage.

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