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Canine Therapy Volunteer Projects in Bolivia

Volunteering in Bolivia

Our Canine Therapy project in Bolivia is a unique project enabling volunteers to combine elements of our care and animal care projects. Volunteers will be working closely with trained dogs conducting specialised therapy sessions with local children of all ages who are faced with a variety of different disabilities.

Given the specialised field that you will be working in we require volunteers to have at least two years of studies or experience, either working with special needs children or working with dogs in some capacity.

Volunteering on the Canine Therapy Project

Projects Abroad works alongside a dog training centre in Cochabamba which is renowned throughout South America for their dogs that are highly trained in searching for drugs, bomb detection, and search and rescue missions. There is also a separate department that focuses on the social aspect and the benefits of canine therapy with children.

Dogs are selected and trained to work with children who have various physical and mental disabilities. It has been proven that regular contact with animals can increase the children’s mobility, and both stimulate and comfort the children. Trained staff work with the dogs and the children using a variety of different exercises and techniques.

Your role on the Canine Therapy Project in Bolivia

As a volunteer you will work alongside local staff doing outreach work with the dogs in the mornings, visiting different centres and care homes for children with mental and physical disabilities. You will be able to see a wide variety of cases and fully appreciate the positive impact this unique form of therapy has on the children.

Visiting a rural village in Bolivia

Your role will vary each day, offering a diverse range of experiences and work to get involved in. Each child is different and so each exercise and activity is carefully selected depending on the needs of each child.

In the afternoons your work will be at the training centre itself. Parents from the local community bring their child for one-on-one sessions with the dogs depending on their needs. Each case is carefully assessed before being accepted for therapy at the training centre.

Volunteers also help by looking after the dogs, including cleaning out cages and feeding the dogs. If you have experience training dogs in obedience and agility then you are welcome to get involved in the dog training for the therapy sessions or for drug identification with the local police.

An intermediate level of Spanish is preferred for this placement to ensure that you can interact fully with the local staff and the children. However, please let us know if you have experience in this field but little or no Spanish so that we can make arrangements for you to have a translator, or you could consider taking a Spanish Language Course before joining the project. You will receive guidance not only from the Projects Abroad staff, but also from your supervisor at the centre.

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