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Agriculture & Farming Volunteer Projects Abroad

Volunteer Agriculture & Farming

Our voluntary Agriculture & Farming Projects offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into one of the world’s largest and most diverse industries. Whether you are a volunteer on a gap year eager to work abroad, or a career breaker with a keen interest in agricultural issues, we have a placement that will suit you, your qualifications and your level of experience.

These projects are based in rapidly developing countries including Ghana, Argentina, Jamaica and Togo. Each destination offers something different and unique. As a volunteer you could help a local community maintain all aspects of a farm and garden, which may include animal care, crop growing or entomology.

While working on our agricultural projects and learning about a different culture, volunteers will receive support and guidance from our qualified in-country staff. As a volunteer you’ll meet other volunteers from all over the world and will form part of the Projects Abroad volunteer community.

Allie Fetherston, Community Farming volunteer in Ghana"During the dry season, I began my days at the farm by watering the plants, using the water from the water catchment system. A few of these plants had been planted before my arrival to Ghana and others I had planted myself. While I was there, I planted groundnuts for the first time in my life (they are better off in a tropical climate) and saw them nearly to maturation. I also re-planted tomatoes, which needed more sunlight and planted some cuttings for the flowerbed."

Allie Fetherston
Community Farming volunteer in Ghana

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