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Общественное здравоохранение в Танзании

Public Health in Tanzania

The Public Health project in Tanzania is a unique project based in and around the town of Arusha. This project focuses on the importance of health campaigns and outreach work in the more rural areas, in addition to giving you an insight into how limited medical treatment is for some patients given their location and their way of life.

The majority of your time will be spent doing medical outreach work and educational health campaigns. You will be working alongside local doctors and nurses reaching out to as many people as possible. Your time in Tanzania will be varied and you may find yourself providing much needed treatment to a rural Maasai tribe one day and educating the children in a local orphanage on the importance of hygiene the next. Many of the local Maasai do not have access to medical treatment and these free outreach clinics, provided by Projects Abroad, are vital when it comes to ensuring they have the treatment they need.

As a volunteer you will be involved in carrying out basic health checks, leading educational campaigns and observing and assisting where possible with the diagnosis of the patients with a local doctor.

While volunteering in Arusha you will live with one of our local host families. This gives you a unique insight into a completely different way of life. During the weekend you will get the opportunity to experience the breath-taking scenery in one of Tanzania's national parks.

Ознакомьтесь с примерным расписанием проектов, перейдя по ссылке: 2 недели.