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Двухнедельный зимний спецпроект – волонтерство во время рождественских каникул

Volunteer on a Christmas Project

If you would like to spend the Christmas period volunteering, why not join us on one of our 2 Week Christmas projects? These placements are structured to allow you to make the most of your Christmas break overseas and are open to volunteers of any age.

You will live and work with a small group of volunteers. The Care & Community programmes include a mixture of fun and practical work with children and some painting or renovation work at the placements.

The Medicine programmes offer a comprehensive overview of medicine in a developing country allowing you to observe medical treatments and learn about the Indian or Ghanaian medical systems.

Over Christmas 2014 we have the choice of four 2 Week Christmas projects running from 21st December 2014 to 3rd January 2015: