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Care & Community in Ecuador for Teens

Volunteering in Ecuador with Projects Abroad is a great way to give back while experiencing living in the Galapagos Islands, a place renowned for its spectacular scenery and fascinating variety of wildlife. On the Care & Community High School Special, you will join a group of volunteers for two weeks and participate in a variety of activities designed to benefit the community.

Projects Abroad High School Special volunteers do some renovation work at a kindergarten in Ecuador.

One of the main focuses of the program is teaching English and organizing educational and creative activities for children at kindergartens. Being able to understand and speak English is an important skill in Ecuador and what you help teach the children will greatly impact their futures. At your placement, your role will be to assist local teachers and give extra attention to individual children in the classroom.

The community aspect of the program involves more practical work. Your group will contribute to physical improvements at the placement, such as brightening the walls with a fresh coat of paint or helping with a beach clean-up initiative.

Living and working on the Galapagos Islands also provides you with the opportunity to speak Spanish with local people if you are interested in improving your language skills or picking up a few words or phrases. You will also be able to practice with your host family, who will likely be the best Spanish teachers you have ever had!

Over the weekend, you will travel to a neighboring island with the other volunteers and Projects Abroad staff. On this trip, you will see a remote corner of this world-famous eco-system and learn about a unique island culture while you relax and have fun with your group.

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