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Volunteer in South America

South America Map

Whether you are on a university summer break, gap year or career break, you are sure to find a project and a destination on this fascinating continent to suit your interests. Volunteer opportunities with Projects Abroad in South America include a wide range of projects and are available for anyone interested in volunteering in the developing world.

No matter your choice of region or volunteering project in South America, you will have an important role to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Project opportunities include teaching soccer to Brazilian teens, working at Projects Abroad's private reserve Reserva Ecologica Taricaya in the Amazon, caring for Bolivian orphans, or learning Spanish in Argentina.

Volunteer Placements in South America

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South America is home to many ancient treasures and ecological wonders. As you do volunteer work in South America, you will also have free time, allowing you to travel and explore your region. As crucial as your volunteering project will be, tourism will also be an important part of your international experience. Take full advantage of your free time by touring your city; see the wonders of Machu Picchu created by the ancient Inca civilizations, visit Che Guevara�s house in Argentina, throw water balloons in one of the exciting Bolivian festivals and holidays, or feast your eyes on the vast Amazon River in Brazil.

Volunteer Opportunities in South America

The international volunteering experience continues from your work and your travel to your living accommodations. Everyone on a volunteer placement with Projects Abroad in South America has the opportunity to live with a host family, giving volunteers the experience of full immersion within the culture. You will find them incredibly welcoming and they will doubtless be eager to find out all about you and your life back home. Take plenty of photos with you and be prepared for lots of questions!

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