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Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Volunteer Projects in Vietnam

There is a shortage of skilled physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Vietnam and a lack of access to basic treatment. Whether you are an enthusiastic student training to become a physiotherapist or occupational therapist or if you’re qualified in either field you’ll provide valuable support to the staff, children and/or adults at a specialist hospital or health centre. All physiotherapy/occupational therapy volunteers need to have completed at least one year of related studies.

You will work alongside one of the local staff and depending on your experience you may be given groups of children or adults to work with independently. You may even be asked to work with your own individual patients and could spend some time passing on your skills to fellow staff.

Volunteering Abroad on a Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Placement

Physiotherapy volunteers work in a variety of placements in Vietnam. You could be based in hospitals in Hanoi, treating children with cerebral palsy or adults suffering from spine problems, paralysis and other related disorders.

Volunteers on a physiotherapy project may also work at the Friendship Village, a unique community project that cares for disabled children and adults who suffer from the legacy of the Vietnam war. This project offers therapeutic and practical help for mentally and physically disabled children as well as their educational training and medical care. Adults who suffer from the consequences of war also get a variety of help.

Physiotherapy volunteers may also work at an orphanage. There are no local physiotherapists working at the orphanage, so volunteers need to use their own knowledge and research to treat the children and keep a log of all treatment for the use of future volunteers. There is a range of disabilities at the orphanage, although very few children have been officially diagnosed.

Occupational therapy volunteers work either at one of the children’s hospitals or at the Friendship Village, which cares for disabled children and adults who suffer from the legacy of the Vietnam war.

Whichever project you join, you’ll go home safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a real and lasting contribution to the placement and the people it serves. This programme is also a chance to improve your CV - gaining practical experience often difficult to get in the west.

Вы можете ознакомиться с детальной информацией о целях данного проекта здесь: Vietnam Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

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