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Projects Abroad in Togo: Arrival in Lomé

Togo office

Most volunteers from English speaking countries fly into Accra in neighbouring Ghana. Volunteers who arrive in Ghana usually stay one or two nights at the house and office of our Projects Abroad Ghana director, who will help you arrange your visa for Togo. Once you have your Togolese visa you’ll travel by taxi to Lomé, a journey of about three hours.

On arrival in Lomé you will meet the local staff and be taken to your host family to settle in and rest. Which ever airport you arrive at a member of local staff will be waiting to meet you with an A4 Projects Abroad sign.

Induction and Orientation

Depending on the time of your arrival in Lomé you will either have your induction in the afternoon of your arrival day or the following day. You will be picked up from your host family and taken for an orientation around Lomé. You will be shown how to reach our office on foot or by moto-taxi. You will also be shown the handbook and any necessary safety and security measures will be explained.

Sandy street in Lomé

You will then be shown around the city including different landmarks and amenities such as the post office, banks, bureaux de change and you can also buy a local SIM card. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of the other volunteers.

The next morning, you will be picked up from your host family and shown how to get to your placement. Most placements are conveniently located within walking distance from your host family but if it is too far to walk you may need to take a moto-taxi. If you do need to take a moto-taxi you will need to cover the cost of this, which should be on average less than £1 per day. When you arrive at your placement, you will be introduced to the supervisor who will explain your role and what you will be doing during your time.

We would encourage all volunteers going to Togo to try and learn some French before you go. The host families do not usually speak English, and really appreciate it if volunteers make this effort. If you want to become even more proficient, we can help arrange French lessons.

At the end of your placement if you need to travel to Ghana for your flight home a member of staff will take you across the border and arrange a bus for you back to Accra.

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