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Projects Abroad in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, Projects Abroad in Sri Lanka - Volunteers on rafting trip

On arrival in Sri Lanka, one of the first things you will notice as you step outside the airport is the heat - something you do become accustomed to! You will be met at the airport and be driven to a hotel in the heart in Colombo where you can freshen up and rest. A Projects Abroad member of staff will then come and meet you at the hotel and take you out for a meal. You’ll be given your welcome pack and will have the chance to chat and discuss anything you wish to know more about!

The next day, you will be taken by car to your accommodation. Nearly all volunteers in Sri Lanka live with local host families; though we also have one rented apartment in Kalutara. Volunteers are based in a few areas of Sri Lanka from small towns on the coast up to one hour north to three hours south of Colombo and in the hill-town of Kandy.

All your meals will be cooked by local Sri Lankans - delicious, authentic cuisine! Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to South Indian food, with lots of rice and hot curries! Fresh fruit is widely available and as there is so much coastline, there is also a lot of fresh fish and seafood.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka – Induction and Orientation

Sri Lanka, Projects Abroad in Sri Lanka - Street Scene

Once introductions have been made at your host family, you will be given a chance to settle in before having a general orientation of the area and you’ll be taken to meet your placement supervisor. By this time you will be ready for a good rest, so most volunteers start their placement the following day.

Most volunteers walk to work, however if you do need to take a local bus you will be shown where to catch it, please note that you will need to cover the cost of the bus, which on average should be less than £1 per day.

As Sri Lanka is a relatively small country, it is easy to get around. There are frequent buses in and out of Colombo, along the main costal road and also into the hill region. Here you will be able to find anything you need to buy and any type of food you wish to eat! Internet is also readily available and is the cheapest and easiest way of staying in touch with friends and family back home.

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