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Senegal: Volunteer Medical Placements and Work-Experience

A Medical volunteer in Senegal

Volunteering overseas on a Medicine & Healthcare placement with Projects Abroad offers an excellent way to gain work-experience, combined with the chance to help people in some of the poorest medical institutions in the developing world. As a Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in Senegal you will have the opportunity to gain a wide range of medical and healthcare work-experience in a variety of departments.

All Medical volunteers in Senegal must have completed at least one year of medicine or healthcare related studies, or training by the time they join this project. Volunteers also need a good level of French. Most of the staff and patients do not speak English and it is vital that you can understand and communicate in French while you are working at a placement. A copy of your CV will be requested after you have applied, so each placement can be tailored to your level of experience and interests.

In Senegal we work with two institutions. The first placement is a public hospital which has been open since 2000. The hospital employs just two doctors and six nurses, but deals with an influx of patients which can be as many as several hundred per day. Volunteers may find themselves working in a number of areas of medicine – including Paediatrics, ENT, Microbiology and Pathology – such is the diverse nature of problems brought to the hospital. However the main areas the hospital deals with are General Medicine and Maternity.

Maternity placement in Senegal

The second placement is a Red Cross Medical Centre, which provides a drop-in service where local people can come for consultations on general healthcare issues. The centre can also offer minor surgery depending on the availability of staff, which can be a problem, given that it can only afford a complement of one doctor and four nurses. In addition to these placements, volunteers may spend some time with healthcare workers on outreach projects at local Talibé (street children) Centres. All volunteers live within a 30 minute journey of their placement.

All Medicine & Healthcare volunteers should be aware that the facilities they will be working at are basic, and treatments are sometimes not of the standard you would expect, coming from a more developed country. You should be prepared to see some shocking cases and try not to get emotionally involved with the patients. Your working hours will usually be decided on a weekly basis, in cooperation with your supervisor and a Projects Abroad staff member.


Volunteer Nursing & Midwifery in Senegal

If you wish to do a Nursing or Midwifery project with us in Senegal, you must – in common with our Medical project - have completed at least one year’s study of a relevant healthcare course, and have a good level of French. If you satisfy these requirements, then your presence at one of our two main placements is sure to be appreciated. You may also get the opportunity to go out on healthcare outreach projects in the local community, where you will work with local street children, known as Talibés.

If you do not have the required experience to be accepted on one of our Nursing & Midwifery placements then you may be interested in our Care placements. Please follow the link.

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