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Projects Abroad in Mexico

Mexico, Projects Abroad in Mexico - La Minerva

After a trip totalling around 12 hours, usually via the USA, you will land at the modest airport at Guadalajara. After checking through customs you will walk down a narrow walkway to the small arrivals lounge. Here, one of our Mexico team will greet you with a Projects Abroad sign. If your flight arrives late in the evening our staff will take you to stay overnight at the office, which is in a large traditional Mexican house in the city centre.

After a good night's sleep, and some breakfast, a member of Projects Abroad staff will take you on a tour of the city. During your walk you will see the museum, bank, post office and numerous Internet cafes. You'll learn how to use the buses and the tube, and find out where other volunteers spend their free time. Guadalajara is a modern city, so you will be able to get hold of most things you may need.

Guadalajara and Ciudad Guzman

If you are taking part in a placement in Guadalajara, you will be taken to your host-family during your first full day in Mexico and left to settle in. The next day you will be introduced to your placement. Volunteers based in Ciudad Guzman will usually travel there the following day.

Host-families are an essential part of the experience in Mexico. They are well-established and understand how Projects Abroad works. Mexicans are usually very family-oriented, so you are bound to be part of some large family gatherings, as well as having all the social life you'd want with volunteers and locals. Houses are middle class with reasonable facilities - some are grander than others, but all offer a comfortable room and bed and a friendly face when you come home.

"My family were absolutely wonderful and I had a fantastic time with them. They were very kind and took me to loads of places and made me feel really welcome."
Elizabeth Allison, Teaching in Mexico

We would encourage all volunteers living in Guadalajara or Ciudad Guzman to try and learn a little Spanish before they go. The host families speak limited English, and really appreciate it if volunteers make this effort. If you want to become even more proficient, we can help arrange Spanish lessons.

"The opportunity to work with Mexicans in an entirely Spanish-speaking environment gave me so much more of an insight into their culture than if I'd just been travelling."
Julia Banwell, Journalism in Mexico

Volunteers working in Guadalajara and Ciudad Guzman will need to cover the cost of the journey to and from work. Most volunteers travel to work by local bus, which costs on average less than £1 per day.


Mexico, Projects Abroad in Mexico - Hatchling at Tecoman Turtle Camp

If you are taking part in our Conservation project, you will stay in Guadalajara at the office for a night or two. You will have the chance to explore Guadalajara a little. You will then catch a coach to Tecoman, where you will be met by one of the Conservation staff. It is then just a short drive to your new home - the beach!

Accommodation at the turtle camp is basic and adventurous - but you will have everything you need during your conservation experience! There's a kitchen, flushing toilets and showers, and lots of modern tents - one of which will be your home during your placement.

All volunteers on Teaching, Care, Arts & Crafts, Medicine, Journalism, Animal Care or Spanish placements in Mexico now have the opportunity to add a 7-Day Conservation Project to the end of their main placement.

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