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Costa Rica: Volunteer School Sports Work Experience Placements

Sports in Costa Rica

Sports volunteers in Costa Rica are based in schools in and around Liberia and Santa Cruz. We have an agreement with the Ministry of Education to send the majority of Sports volunteers to schools without their own sports teachers, so your help is really needed here.

You’ll have plenty of support from the Projects Abroad Sports Coordinator, who arranges regular workshops for sports volunteers, where you can share your ideas and plan new activities.

Coach Sports to Children with Projects Abroad

Sports volunteers are involved in organising a wide range of recreational activities for the children, including football, athletics and general active games that promote fitness, health and well being. Plus any ideas or sports you know particularly well can often be incorporated.

The aim is for children to get fit and have fun and create a lasting habit for playing sports to help the children stay active into later life.

The children are aged between about 5 and 13 years old. If you are at a school with a local physical education teacher, you will find them keen to have the help of volunteers with new ideas who can help coach the children. If you are at a school without its own physical education teacher, then you will certainly be kept busy and the children will benefit greatly from having you at the school.

Sports in Costa Rica

Please let us know if you have any experience and would be happy taking on more responsibility in a school that lacks sports coaching staff, so we can match you to the most suitable placement.

Your Role Volunteering Abroad on a Sports Project in Costa Rica

You may sometimes be asked to help with sports activities after school has finished in the afternoons and evenings and there may sometimes be matches scheduled at the weekends too. The schools also appreciate any help with English lessons, so if you are happy to help in this area too, please let us know.

Sports in Costa Rica

Our volunteers are sometimes asked to cooperate with the Ministry of Education on special sporting events - for example recent volunteers were judges at the Liberia Stadium in a regional competition of provincial games. The volunteers helped arrange the logistics and Projects Abroad sponsored the event.

All volunteers on Teaching, Care, Sports, Journalism or Spanish placements in Costa Rica have the opportunity to add a 7-Day Conservation Project to the end of their main placement. For more information visit our 7-Day Costa Rica Conservation Project page.

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