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Combining multiple projects and/or destinations

There is so much to choose from! Why not combine placements?

Option 1) Combine projects within a country

Combinations Have the best of both worlds! You can combine as many placements within a country as you wish. All we ask is that you spend a minimum of one month on each placement. Of course, the longer you stay on each placement the more you'll get from it.

We won't charge you twice either - you pay the placement fee for the most expensive placement, then additional month fees as appropriate.

For example:

Teach English in Guadalajara and then join our Conservation & Environment project along the Mexico coast:


>Teaching - 2 months in Guadalajara

>Then Conservation & Environment - 2 months on the Pacific coast

Conservation & Environment is the most expensive -
up to three months @ 2045
You'll be staying for 4 months so you pay for one more month -
extra month @ £495
Total: £2540

Option 2) Combine countries

You can combine any of our destinations. Some volunteers go to two countries - a few go to four or five!

When you sign up for projects in two or more countries you will get 10% off each placement fee*.

Most of our placements fit well into a round-the-world ticket, or are linked by some of the best train and overland journeys in the world! Projects Abroad travel can arrange a variety of flights on request.**

Option 3) Combine countries and placements

For the ultimate experience, let us arrange a variety of experiences in a variety of countries. Examples of combinations, which could take you a year or more, include:

Morocco – Take part in a Care Project before visiting the Sahara desert
Fly to Thailand – learn to scuba dive on a Conservation & Environment project followed by a holiday on the islands


Peru - Inca Projects then move to our Conservation & Environment Rainforest project
Travel down overland through South America to Argentina to Teach
Travel onwards through South America to Brazil in time for carnival and some time on a Care project

*Not including Language courses,

** See flight prices or call us for information. Prices for round the world tickets and three-country or more combinations are not available before application. After application we can discuss your requirements and offer you no-obligation quotes.

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