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Medical Elective Programmes in Argentina with Projects Abroad

If you wish to do your Medical Elective in Argentina with Projects Abroad, you will be working in a hospital in or close to Unquillo or Cordoba.

You will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience alongside some of the most skilled doctors in the country. You will shadow one of our supervising doctors who are very experienced at working with western students. They will be keen to test out your knowledge, as well as giving you the benefit of their training and experience.

Medical Elective volunteers at a hospital in Argentina

How much responsibility you are given is up to your supervisor. Within the hospitals you will be given the chance to shadow doctors and nurses, help to take patient histories, observe surgery, and attend medical lectures with medical students, depending on your chosen specialism.

Although we cannot guarantee hands on work in Argentina, by showing enthusiasm and becoming a valued part of the team, you may well find you are entrusted to take part in various basic procedures. In the community on an outreach project, you could find yourself giving a child a general health check, assisting in the provision of vaccinations, and giving advice on nutrition or pregnancy prevention.

Your Role on a Medical Elective

Students on their Medical Elective work in rotation at different hospitals in and around Unquillo or Cordoba, enabling them to have a broad and varied experience of different medicine and healthcare departments. You may also base yourself at just one hospital if you wish; you will agree this with our local staff in advance.

You will have the opportunity to experience medical procedures in both the over-burdened multi-disciplinary government hospitals, and the smaller “Dispensarios” that operate on certain days in more rural communities. The exterior of the hospital buildings may look slightly neglected, however, the facilities within and the healthcare provided are generally of a decent standard, on a par with many hospitals in the west.

Projects Abroad are experienced in organising students’ Elective programmes. We are able to coordinate with your university and we have local staff able to help ensure your time on a placement fulfils the requirements of your Elective module.

Accommodation in Argentina

As a Medical Elective student you will live with a host family in close proximity to the hospital where you are working. There is so much to do in Cordoba and the surrounding area, and there are always plenty of other Projects Abroad volunteers, from different projects, to explore it with!

You will be required to bring proof that you are an Elective student with you to Argentina, along with any transcripts or certificates that state your previous areas of experience. This paperwork, along with your initiative and outlook, will determine the level of trust that is built between yourself and your supervising doctors. As with any job - and certainly those in the medical profession - proving your knowledge and reliability will ultimately determine the level of responsibility you are assigned, and how much you take home from your experience in Argentina.

An intermediate level of Spanish is required for this placement to ensure that you can interact fully with both the local staff and the patients. Volunteers should also be of smart appearance.

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