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Testimonials - By Projects - Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care

  • “It was a totally different experience from anything I’d get at home. I was lucky to get some hands-on experience and saw diseases that we vaccinate against in the UK, but never come across, even one case of rabies. ”
    Mary-Rose Best (in India)
  • “I feel I benefited the project by sharing out the workload of helping to clean up and feed the animals. I was also able to trade in Spanish and English phrases (invariably the ones the phrases books don’t want you to know!).”
    Robert Gentilli (in Mexico)
  • “Working at the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Mexico was an eye opener for me. I’ve never had a pet so looking after animals, especially exotic ones, was quite exciting if not a bit daunting at first. I remember cleaning out and feeding the parrots who always hung upside down curiously watching me and one of them would squawk at me.”
    Nurma Ramful (in Mexico)
  • “My queries were always answered quickly. If I had asked a member of staff a question at my placement they would ring me either that afternoon or the next day to give an answer.”
    Suzanne Austen (in Mexico)
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