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Testimonials - By Projects - Medicine and Healthcare

  • Medicine
  • "Working in the hospital I saw so much that I would never see or experience in England as an unqualified student. I watched trauma surgery, hip replacements, plastic surgery and gastro surgery."
    Phillippa Closier (in Argentina)
  • “In surgery the doctors would make every effort to explain what they were doing and what the problems were, to the point of drawing diagrams for us afterwards. In every hospital the doctors went out of their way to help us.”
    Phillippa Closier (in Argentina)
  • “It has changed the way I look at nursing and has made me more analytical in my own practice.”
    Rosanna Smith (in Ghana)
  • “This was one perfect introduction to volunteering and working in Ghana. Living with a host family gave me excellent contact with locals and a much better understanding of the way of life. We were supported in our travel plans by the local staff and the work was interesting and varied.”
    Kate Chesterman (in Ghana)
  • “As I’m studying medicine next year, travelling to India was the perfect way to gain more work experience as it was very different to anything I’d experienced in the UK”
    Charlotte Reynolds (in India)
  • “All of the staff at the placements I volunteered at were welcoming and my observations at the hospital were thoroughly interesting.”
    Lydia O’Donoghue (in India)
  • “Watching births and interesting operations was really good, but it was the people that I was with that made it really interesting.”
    Joanne Adams (in India)
  • “The placement not only gave me an insight into medicine, but medicine and healthcare in the third world.”
    Dylan Amenumey (in Mongolia)
  • “Being in theatre while a baby girl was born via a caesarian operation was amazing!”
    Dylan Amenumey (in Mongolia)
  • “Simply walking around the hospital in my scrubs made me feel like I was a doctor already!”
    Dylan Amenumey (in Mongolia)
  • “The local staff were all so helpful, which made my experience even more amazing.”
    Hannah Kerr-Peterson (in Nepal)
  • “One of my most memorable experiences was watching open heart surgery!”
    Caroline Gosson (in Sri Lanka)
  • “I spent most of my time in the Labour Room watching deliveries. It was fascinating and actually quite emotional! The nurses let me clean some of the babies, weigh, measure and dress them, which was a wonderful experience. There is a nice atmosphere there and also a very helpful junior doctor!”
    Olivia Hanrahan-Soar (in Sri Lanka)
  • Physiotherapy
  • “My placement was always different everyday with new patients and new treatments. Nothing was ever the same or boring.”
    Ruth Malthouse (in Ghana)
  • “It was an amazing, eye-opening, life-changing experience. Meeting both the local people and the other volunteers from around the world was invaluable. I feel I have gained in confidence and now feel comfortable facing challenging situations alone.”
    Hannah Thorne (in Nepal)
  • “My time in Nepal was fantastic. I loved every minute! As a pre-physio student it's been really helpful for me in gaining experience before I start my course.”
    Sarah Wilson (in Nepal)
  • “Visiting a child’s house in a tiny village was a memorable experience. The child was blind and had severe Cerebral Palsy. I did some exercises with him and taught the father some important exercises and then just played with the boy who laughed his head off! It brought tears to my eyes.”
    Theresa Mohan (in Nepal)
  • “In the eight weeks I was in Nepal one of my patients (spinal injury – paralysis of legs) progressed from complete bed rest to being able to transfer herself from her wheelchair to the treatment bed unaided.”
    Jill Maxwell (in Nepal)
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