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Testimonials - By Projects - Journalism

  • “I was invited to write a short commentary of the first ever ‘Shanghai Business Women of the Year’ award, a big event in a posh hotel with the Directing Manager of Ann Summers... because our company was partly hosting the event I became chief interviewer! …”
    Gemma Osborne (in China)
  • “I got four articles publisher it gave me good work experience and provided me with the starting block for an excellent and constructive gap year.”
    Gemma Osborne (in China)
  • “I met a Chinese Rock band, and having listened to them perform, joined them and am still working for them as a lyricist!”
    Adam Edelshain (in China)
  • “The Ethiopian staff were very efficient and helpful. They really did their best to make you feel welcome. They are fantastic!”
    Kayo Hansen (in Ethiopia)
  • “I have extreme confidence in Projects Abroad as my experience was amazing – I would definitely, and will, recommend you to others in the future.”
    Zoe Gibbons (in Ghana)
  • “Overall I had a fantastic time, loved the people I met and Ghana. The placement was fab, they gave me the freedom to work on my own projects.”
    Nick Frend (in Ghana)
  • “Working with the Arts section of the Daily Graphic, I feel that through my discussions with other arts writers and my own articles I was able to encourage a more critical, measured approach to art criticism.”
    Alex Clayton (in Ghana)
  • “The best thing about working at Vibe was definitely being able to read the news live on the radio. Although I was reluctant at first I’m so glad I did it!”
    Sarah Bodimeade (in Ghana)
  • “What an amazing experience! I never would’ve imagined that on my second day in Ghana I would be put in charge of the news, reading it every day and producing another show!”
    Fiona Woods (in Ghana)
  • “This experience has given me more confidence and has confirmed exactly what I want to do career wise in the future. I feel I learned a lot about myself.”
    Natalie Vining (in Ghana)
  • "The most memorable thing was swimming with the children from the school as none of them knew how to swim and were scared of coming in the water but after teaching them how to I felt like I had accomplished something memorable with them."
    Liam Goulding (in Ghana)
  • “The most memorable moment of my trip was seeing wild elephants during our trek in the Peneyor Tiger Reserve. It was fantastic to get such a close-up view of magnificent creatures in their own natural environment.”
    Toby Griffiths (in India)
  • "I think this type of project is very useful to a gap year/uni student who has never travelled on their own before as there is a good amount of support and organisation available to you. I feel as though it is a good springboard to start off an interest in travelling and volunteering more independently in the future. It's also a great way to get more than just a tourist experience, but really feel integrated into a working community."
    Eleanor Sleet (in South Africa)
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