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Testimonials - By Destinations - South Africa

  • General
  • “I am looking forward to university so much more as I feel confident, independent and comfortable in my own skin. I now know that I am easily adaptable and can make friends wherever I go.”
    Ros Kenber
  • Conservation & Environment
  • “Three weeks ago we went to Makula Makete to learn about their cheetah conservation project. Makula Makete is one of 23 game reserves in South Africa who have endeavoured to save this highly endangered species! It was a great opportunity for us volunteers to actually get close to this fantastic cat and to learn more about its habits from the people that have first hand experience.

    It took our guide, Benny, only an hour to track the one female cheetah on Makula Makete. It was amazing to see her in her natural environment and we even got a chance to walk up to her only 15 metres away!

    The day ended walking on of the reserves hiking trails, the ‘Baobab Route’ where the 6 km trail takes you past 28 baobab trees. It was a stunning sight to see so many big trees so close together.”
    Casper Zachhau
  • “To sum up, I’ve had a wonderful experience, I have seen, heard, felt, smelt and learned many new things in a world away from home. I would recommend such an experience to anyone who would like to see the African bush, have a unique adventure and truly wants to make a difference”
    Luc Verschuren
  • “Almost two months ago I started my ‘Big Adventure’, going to the bush of South Africa and Botswana without really knowing what it would be like. After 30 hours of travelling and a night in a lodge, myself and my friend, Jeroen De Muynck, arrived at camp, our new home for the next two months! When I look back now, it’s been amazing!

    We’ve experienced living in the bush and we have explored life in South Africa and Botswana. I have learnt lots about the wildlife here and also about the local culture. It’s amazing to watch elephants 30 metres away from a hide that we had a hand in making. We’ve also been very lucky with the leopards! You can’t describe the feeling that goes through your body when you are eye to eye with one of Africa’s great predators only metres away from you.

    I loved my stay here and will miss it when I get back home to Belgium. Legodimo makes you feel at home and if you come here from overseas or not, you’ll never be alone!”
    Wouter Verpoest
  • Journalism
  • "I think this type of project is very useful to a gap year/uni student who has never travelled on their own before as there is a good amount of support and organisation available to you. I feel as though it is a good springboard to start off an interest in travelling and volunteering more independently in the future. It's also a great way to get more than just a tourist experience, but really feel integrated into a working community."
    Eleanor Sleet
  • Law & Human Rights
  • “I hope I have learned a lot about the nature of NGO’s and the problems within South Africa. This understanding will be invaluable to my future studies. The experience as a whole has greatly developed my confidence and independence and made me realise that I could travel to any country and not be put off by a country‘s reputation.”
    Hannah Fearnley
  • "The week that I managed to do was such a valuable experience and it did help me to make up my mind about my future goals. The chance to visit a completely different country to my own and to have an opportunity to volunteer to change the lives of people were truly an amazing experience."
    Moe Suzuki
  • Sports
  • “The whole experience has been most memorable and amazing. From going to the school and interacting with the students and teachers, coaching the girl’s football team at their matches, talking and joking around with my host family as if I were an actual member of the family, meeting and making some of the best friends ever with other volunteers making friendships with locals, my road trips with volunteer friends to seeing all the tourist attractions such as the Bungee Jump, they have all been the most amazing experiences ever. I have loved the opportunity of getting to know South Africa better than the average tourist.”
    Natalie Goch
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