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Testimonials - By Destinations - Mexico

  • General
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my placement in Mexico. The staff were friendly and helpful – allowing me to change aspects of my project. They were also extremely helpful when I had to go to the doctors. .. The projects were fun and there was sufficient work to do. I would recommend Projects Abroad to anyone thinking of taking a gap year.”
    Simon Ellis
  • “I had security and support 100% of the time I was volunteering”.
    Anna Svensson
  • “It was brilliant. I met some amazing people, saw some beautiful sights and gained loads more independence”
    Karen Waldie
  • “Local staff were always extremely friendly and approachable. I felt sure I would be able to go to them if ever I had a problem.”
    Jess Gibson
  • “Mexico has a fantastic culture – I thoroughly enjoyed the food, drink, music architecture and language. “
    Jess Gibson
  • Care
  • “The most memorable incident at the orphanage I worked at was on my final day. All the staff cooked a meal for us (it was even vegetarian, as I don’t eat meat & fish!) and threw a party to say goodbye. They made banners wishing me farewell, which all of the children signed. It was so sad to say goodbye to all the staff and kids, but such a wonderful memory to look back on.”
    Hannah Bushell
  • “Although at times it was hard and sad working in the orphanage I did feel that I was helping and that the kids were gaining something from my being there… thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.”
    Regina Hallam-Abel
  • Conservation & Environment
  • “The placements were fantastic, the staff brilliant and the overall experience life changing. The experience was far more than I had ever expected.”
    Oliver Rodi
  • “As a teenager interested in going abroad and also doing some volunteer work, I had trouble finding a programme that combined both aspects. Through extensive internet exploring I was able to come across Projects Abroad, and I could not be happier! This programme is great for young students wanting to travel alone, because the staff are plenty, helpful, and well educated. They are also extremely friendly and well-humoured! I was impressed with all of the staff members in Mexico.

    Also, I was a bit fearful of going abroad by myself, because I have heard many horror stories of sham or poorly organised programmes. However with Projects Abroad I knew I was in safe hands because of the helpful website, email from the coordinator, news updates by email and even instant messaging on the website.

    I was also impressed with the office, with its professional atmosphere and numerous workers. After being so well taken care of, I expect to do future travels abroad with Projects Abroad. I hope that the programme continues to develop in new locations and offers more choice of countries in the future.”
    Sally Cho
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my placement in Mexico. I would recommend Projects Abroad to anyone thinking of taking a gap year.”
    Simon Ellis
  • "Don't waste the chance to do something like this - I cannot imagine missing out on an opportunity like this."
    Katie Warner
  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Teaching and Projects Abroad to others and in particular the turtle camp project, for the experience of a lifetime.”
    Laura Bird
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything during my time in the jungle. I don’t think I could have chosen to do anything more worthwhile with my gap year”
    Vicky Dauncey
  • “I have made so many friends with both staff members and other volunteers, and for the four months you accept everyone for who they are and just have the time of your life.”
    Anthony Skelding
  • “The trip has really made me appreciate how important the rainforest is and encouraged me to think about going travelling in the future. I would definitely recommend Projects Abroad to other people.”
    Rachael Jamieson-Craig
  • Teaching
  • “My placement teaching English at the university was amazing work experience for me. The bonds built with students and the satisfaction of teaching them is an unforgettable memory.”
    Melissa Fraser
  • “This placement was a great boost to my confidence and I hope to inspire others to take it up. It’s definitely worth it.”
    Andrea Martins
  • Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care
  • “I feel I benefited the project by sharing out the workload of helping to clean up and feed the animals. I was also able to trade in Spanish and English phrases (invariably the ones the phrases books don’t want you to know!).”
    Robert Gentilli
  • “Working at the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Mexico was an eye opener for me. I’ve never had a pet so looking after animals, especially exotic ones, was quite exciting if not a bit daunting at first. I remember cleaning out and feeding the parrots who always hung upside down curiously watching me and one of them would squawk at me.”
    Nurma Ramful
  • “My queries were always answered quickly. If I had asked a member of staff a question at my placement they would ring me either that afternoon or the next day to give an answer.”
    Suzanne Austen
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