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Who volunteers with Projects Abroad?

Our Volunteers - Orphanage

We used to say that the age limits for our volunteer projects were 17-70. Then we received an enquiry from a lady of 77 who wanted to do a Care Project, and we realised that there are no hard-and-fast rules you can put on people who want to give their time helping others. Even our lower age-restriction has had to come down in recent years, as the general public has started to see the value of encouraging volunteering at a younger age.

There's no such thing as a "typical" volunteer!

People of all ages and backgrounds have something to offer the communities that we work with. This is reflected in the composition of the volunteer groups within each of our destinations; you will find school and college-age students mixing with graduates and career-breakers; you will see retired volunteers mixing with gap-year students and undergraduates. This diversity means there are always interesting perspectives to be found, and new people you can identify with. Often it will be with the person you least expect!

Our Volunteers - Orphanage Teaching

People volunteer with us for a variety of reasons. There is obviously a strong sense of altruism associated with offering your time without payment, following the notion that you want to do something for others - to 'give something back'. But it is also important that you yourself gain something too, whether it is work-experience in a particular field, personal development, or even simply a sense of fulfilment from doing something for others.

Volunteering with Projects Abroad

Below are some examples of the type of people who volunteer with Projects Abroad:

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