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Destination of the Month


Destination of the Month - Jamaica


Population: 2.65 million
Capital: Kingston
Languages: English
Currency: Jamaican Dollar
Head of State: Bruce Golding

Since the launch of our Jamaican projects in March 2008 over 30 volunteers have joined a Teaching, Care, Sports or Medical placement with Projects Abroad in Jamaica.

This exotic Caribbean country is a fantastic destination for volunteers and travellers alike. Whilst the stunning beaches of the Jamaican coast and its legendary, vibrant music draw the crowds, in the less touristy areas much help is needed in schools and orphanages.

Projects Abroad is based in the town of Mandeville, a few hours drive inland from the capital of Kingston. Teaching English in the schools here or coaching football or cricket will help to improve the prospects for many local children.

There is also much demand for volunteers to help in orphanages and children�s homes in the region around Mandeville. By volunteering in one of the orphanages or homes, you will be able to give the children the love and support they deserve. Local staff are often responsible for large numbers of children and don�t have the time to give the one-on-one attention which will make a big difference to the lives and development of these disadvantaged children.

Medical placements are also available in the local hospital, and this vital work experience will give you an overview of the medical system within Jamaica and help with future job or university applications.

Away from work, you will usually have the weekends free to travel and explore Jamaica. A trip to some of the palm fringed beaches is a must, and many water sports are available. Inland outdoor activities like trekking and rafting are also popular and a great way to explore your surroundings.

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