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Our achievements

People sometimes ask, "How many can do volunteer, recovering on short-term project?" At first glance, really difficult to measure the achievements of volunteers to spend a few weeks to a good cause. But when thousands of people are working, albeit a small amount of time, in the name of the same long-term goal, then together they can achieve great progress.

We know that when it comes to short-term volunteering, then the organization has the responsibility to provide support and resources. Given that Projects Abroad volunteers working with the most vulnerable groups all over the world, we take it seriously. We are proud to have created a structure that allows our volunteers to effectively help the community and learn about the world to the fullest.

Volunteering abroad - it is an act of service and the opportunity for self-examination. Willingness to go beyond your comfort zone in order to help and to learn from others - it's a major achievement, and we are pleased to bring people around the world who are ready for an adventure and want positive change.

Our social achievements

Hundreds of projects operating around the world, focused on the social welfare of the communities we serve. Our volunteers provide support to local teachers working with overcrowded classrooms in low-resource settings, or provide facilities for children with all the necessary care to promote and monitor the early development of pupils.

We have developed a work plan for our programs in teaching and childcare, which allows staff and volunteers to carefully monitor the educational process in each institution, as well as ensures the achievement of our long-term goals. In addition, in 2015 we created our own database of project data on childcare, which allows volunteers to monitor pupils development in real time. Due to this and future employees, volunteers can quickly navigate to specific areas of activity.

As part of our project volunteers improve literacy rates around the world, carried out medical outreach programs for primary health care to the needy and working with partner organizations to assist disabled persons. Projects Abroad also funds human rights centers in four countries.

Our achievements in the preservation of the environment

Our environmental projects are monitoring thousands of species in the oceans, tropical forests, mountainous areas and national parks around the world. We observe wildlife through covert means such as camera traps, underwater cameras and a weather station. Our projects collect a huge amount of data about the environment, and cover a wide range of ecosystems. The competence of our professional staff is the basis of our plan for the preservation of the work environment and allows us to continue to accumulate valuable data.

Contamination of the environment by man poses a serious threat to thousands of species. Members of our Marine Environment preservation projects engaged in cleaning the beaches on a regular basis, exempt from the waste is not only the beach, but also the bottom of the ocean. In 2015, we collected more than 8 tons of garbage. Similarly, a man-made environmental hazards can cause irreparable damage to the fragile ecosystem. Our professional environmentalists are busy restoring the balance and the preservation of native species of flora and fauna - from planting 30,000 saplings of mangroves in Fiji, to save the monkeys spider Taricaya, Peru. Our volunteers make a significant contribution and together we are - an example for other organizations and nature protection centers around the world.

Another significant part of our work on the preservation of the environment is the educational activity. Volunteers conduct seminars in schools and communities, working to raise awareness about the dangers of environmental pollution and promote the active participation of local residents in ekoohrannyh events.

Our economic achievements

We have a lot of projects around the world aimed at improving the economic situation of people in need. Thanks to the continued support of volunteers Projects Abroad, we provide the resources our programs around the world than promote economic growth and activity in poor communities.

With our project "Microfinance" volunteers trained wards performing accounting, marketing, and financial management. These microloans pozvoyayut small business owners to improve working conditions, to become independent and to expand the list of existing enterprises in developing countries, where it is difficult to get loans and financial assistance.

We recognize that in addition to using the knowledge and skills of our volunteers, there is an urgent need for financial assistance. To date, we are able to respond rapidly to unforeseen urgent needs where it is practically impossible to rely on financial support. In 2015, Projects Abroad has donated more than half a million dollars spent on the program, multiplying the effect of the work of our volunteers in different parts of the world.

Report on the global results

The result of the Projects Abroad volunteers around the world can not be described in a few words and figures. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed report on our achievements for 2016 , which combined the results of all of our programs and destinations.

Read the results of our activities in 2015 in the final annual report .

The results of the volunteers of the special project for youth 16-19 years

Every year thousands of young volunteers aged between 16 and 19 years old to join our special project for young people to change the world for the better. During his stay abroad, they contribute to the achievement of long-term goals and have a positive impact on society, which employs. Read our detailed report on the results of the special project for youth in 2016 to learn more about our achievements.

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